Thursday, October 8, 2009

For the Soul

Watch ...

Here is some proof that humans are capable of creating real beauty out of almost nothing:

Now, wasn't that pretty? I don't understand why this is called a "glass harp," as the crystal sounds more like some sort of mystical pan pipe to me, but "a rose by any other name" ...

ALSO ...

I would like to share a wonderful piece of art that my dear friend Samantha ( // created for "Bright Star" ~ and dedicated it to me! I am honored and thankful. Take a look at it, and while you're at it, check out her wonderful gallery and blog!


Today has been a busy one, filled with studying! I am learning that I really am incapable of writing comedy, as our latest Shakespeare class assignment is proving.

I still plan to blog about the Air, Fire, Spirit, and Water; and also some lovely metaphysical concepts that I am studying in my Asian Religions class.

As for the heart: I have a most beautiful and delightful boyfriend, and his visit tonight (though too brief) reminded me once again of how lucky I am. I am inspired constantly, and he revives my soul and allows me to fully appreciate the beauty around me ... not that I didn't before, but don't you agree that love shapes our perspective in ways full-glorious and unexpected?


  1. Ah, the sweet breath of life shared love fills our hungry souls with...without it, even in the smallest doses, where lies the incentive to keep breathing? For it is in the very giving and sharing of love we fulfill the meaning and purpose of life.

    I am blessed this day, for my cup runneth over; and all the while it continues to be filled.

  2. the 'glass harp' was beautiful. I will have to bookmark that for sure :). Thanks, too, for the little feature. I'm glad you enjoyed that piece. Finally - I totally know what you mean about not being able to write comedy. I can't either. Not for the life of me. It is very difficult, no? I could write angst forever, but never a spot of comedy.

  3. Jen: Indeed, love is the anchor that keeps us firmly rooted to life. I believe it is the purpose of life ... not romantic love only, of course, but ALL love is the source and spring of life's true meaning.

    Samanatha: Isn't it lovely? I heard it ages ago but forgot about it until yesterday. and you're quite welcome - thank YOU! :) UHG, comedy is so difficult. I don't know why, either, because I can think up funny things to say with my friends and such, but when it comes to writing an actualy comedic piece, my mind blanks. I'm the same - tragedy I can write anytime. Comedy would be a miracle!