Sunday, October 11, 2009

Here is the very elegant, very ALIVE moonflower, which (as you will see by the net surrounding it) is highly toxic when consumed. These flowers take a minute or less to open, depending on the amount of water in the soil. Their grace and sheer beauty is stunning to behold. Note the flower as it shutters at the 25th second - real proof of the internal energy that fills all of life, not only humans! Other videos of this miraculous flower are also life-affirmingly lovely, but I think this one has the highest quality of the ones I've found. Each video, however, shows the struggle of the flower as it opens, some unfurling with a slight shiver, and others truly contracting and shuttering as they reveal their scent and petals. Enjoy!


  1. This is really beautiful. We have these everywhere here in Texas, but I've never taken the time to stop and watch one open. I hadn't realize that it happened so quickly. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. You're lucky to have them all over! I've never seen one here. But they're quite poisonous - I guess some species of them are so dangerous that flowers wont grow over the same spot once they're removed. !!!! But their beauty is phenomenal.