Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cecile Corbel - Sweet Song

This video is inspiring on so many levels ... artistically, spiritually, romantically. There are so many elements about it that I love, and I hope others will find beauty within Miss Corbel's vision and voice. Thank you to Samantha ( for introducing me to Cecile Corbel.

"By the hills and lands where my heart has gently grown. And where the trees are in bloom forever. I could spend my whole life with you. Under a shady grove just waiting for the stars. We would have a shelter at the top of the highest tree. We would look at the sky before we sleep. Promise me, we will live underneath the stars. The nightengale will sing: "la la la la la". It's a sweet song. Underneath the stars, we would be lovers from the hill. By the hazy mountains my loves sweetly grown and where the secrets are kept forever.I could spend a lifetime with you under a white maple tree staring at the skies."


  1. Cecile Corbel, watercolour painting, music, film, and really wonderful fashion all combined into one video, just completely made my day! *faints with joy*

  2. Oh, I know - I'm glad you liked it - when I saw it I felt the same way, and everytime I watch it I feel so happy. :) The end, when she's doing the watercolor wash, delights me. hehe