Monday, September 28, 2009

Weather Report

Tonight it is raining in this little corner of Earth ~ and little inspires me more than a good, strong rain. There is enough wind to stir the many chimes hanging on our porch, providing me with Nature's very own music: its sweet song of waterdrops, breezes, and the soothing hush of evening. Temperatures are in the 50s (f), and although this has been a chilly summer, now Autumn has truly raised her glorious head to call - to sing - I'm here!

Walking about my college campus today made me wonder ... what is it about "gray days" that makes so many people cringe?

All I could think of was how beautiful this day would have been had it been crafted into a painting. Imagine: a long-haired woman lying in the wet grass, perhaps in a rain puddle, arms reached towards the sky and hair blowing in the wind. All around her is wet, wet grass, long and green and lush. There is dirt on her dress (we'll imagine that the dress is long, white, and Ophelia-like). Her pale skin is covered with blades of grass, flower petals, and raindrops all set loose by Autumn's quick temper. Does she resist, does she hover beneath a parapluie and wish for Summer? No! This woman not only accepts the stormy day, she thrives in it, encourages it, and truly lives through not escaping ... LIFE.

Just my randomness for the evening ... tell me how the weather is where YOU are, and paint us a picture of someone living in it!



  1. Such a beautifully worded, and inspiring post. You've definitely got me thinking :).

  2. Thank you dear. :) I want to make a painting of what I described ... but I have a list of so many paintings, will I ever do anything?! <3

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful portrait of words. What can be said to pay full compliment to your closing lines; how they speak to the clouded gloom of the mental storm lingering within my restless spirit? "Does she resist...No! This woman not only accepts the stormy day, she thrives in it, encourages it, and truly lives through not escaping ... LIFE." These words are my life's breath and motto, yet they escape my soul at this moment when I need them most. So I shall hold onto the image of this brave woman, and continue to envision her in this magnificent setting until we are once again one in spirit.

  4. Thank you so much for such a thougtful reply! I often find myself lacking such strength during the very hardest times, as well ... but slowly I'm learning, very slowly. I hpoe you find your deepest strength soon - writing is such a cathartic tool!