Monday, November 16, 2009

Soul Remedies

Last night the sky was a burnished shade of dark, dusky pink, with the bare trees in my backyard silhouetted against it. The color and contrast could not be captured on film, and the emotion could never be represented on canvas. It was a glorious, mysterious, meloncholy sky, and it filled my soul with warmth. Nature is truly an artist. More than ever I am thankful for who and where I am.

*~ Remedies for the Soul ~*
lotus candle Pictures, Images and Photos
Return to Nature
Read Shakespeare
Look at the Stars
Drink Tea
Make Soup
Dance in the Rain and Wind
Write Free-flowing Thoughts
Lay in the grass and Breathe
Sit by Candlelight
Write with Quill and Ink
Stroke a Cat's Back
Collapse into Bed and Daydream
Absorb Silence
Gaze at Art
Embrace a Tree
Whisper your Secrets to the Wind
Pay attention to the Details
Forget deadlines for one day
Speak words you've never uttered
Stretch your muscles
Allow your Dreams to Carry You
Gently kiss your Lover
Open your eyes - Wide!
Relax into your Exhaustion
Stitch or Sew something Pretty
Ignore your Demons
Welcome the help of Angels
(Photo from Velvet_Roses95, photobucket)


  1. Thank you so much!I hoped it would inspire someone. :) And thank you for joining my blog! <3 It means a lot.

  2. Stella, I just happened upon this and have to say how much I love it (all). I'm not sure how I missed it, but God is like that; He blinds when he wishes and lifts the veil at His will.

    These are the perfect words to start this New Year's day off with. Abastanza bene!