Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new blog!

So I've realised that I need more than two blogs to keep up with all my thoughts and ideas, simply because the subject matters are all so different. I would like to keep this blog to more religious and witchy things, with nature and earth magic, poetry, etc. "Whitman's Fantasy," when I start it, will be entirely earth-based, and focusing also on the poet. I just set up a third blog called "That We Were Butterflies," based on a Keats' poem and dedicated to the classical days gone by.

In my new blog I will be posting more artsy material: a lot more of my poetry; old poetry; info about writers/artists/muscians/dancers, etc.; old-fashioned crafts, recipies, dresses, homes, traditions, etc.; and (overall) remind myself and you of the simpler days when "life was but three summer days."

I'll start posting in it in a few days, maybe less ... keep an eye out, please, because I really want to maintain all three of these blogs and inspire myself and others. <3

~ Lily