Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Signs of Love

Today has been an erratic one, to be certain. Feeling sick was temporarily repaired by hot tea with Jen and Mr. Iverson, and my soul's sleepiness was temporarily nudged awake by the sighting of:


Now that might not, in itself, seem very earth-shattering, but for me it really was a moment filled with magic. I heard beautiful bird-cries far above my head, and (my soul and body being very tired today) I heard but did not recognize. On a sudden, it hit me: hawks! I looked up, and what should I see: not one, not two, but three gorgeous hawks flying in slow, meaningful circles around the Humanities building.

I stood in awe as these gorgeous birds cirlced so purposefully around, crying their Phoenix-chant as they flew. There are several reasons why this sighting meant so much to me. First of all, hawks are very sacred birds, magical and holy in many ways and to many people, particularly Native Americans. Secondly, this beauty in the midst of a hectic school day filled my body with peace. Walt Whitman would have been pleased. Last but not least, I only saw one or two hawks in my entire life until I met Mike, whose Spirit Animal is the hawk. Ever since we became close, I've been seeing hawks on my street, in my backyard, outside the mall, and now at school! I went from seeing no hawks to six in one year! I feel like this is further proof of my soul-bond with my darling Michael.

Speaking of darling Michael, today he walked six miles in chilling, wet weather to visit me while I studied at a cafe. Six miles for one-and-a-half hours! Just to see me for the 30 minutes I had left, because I told him how sick I felt. What a beautiful boy. I swear, his presence fills me with such delight and peace! He is a rain shower in a barren desert. A drop of water in a parched body. My essence and breath of living artistry ... inspired by my love.

goodnight or good morning, and may many magical moments come your way today.
~ Lily ~


  1. A beautiful and inspiring entry once again. Thanks for sharing. It was a lovely way to start my morning.

  2. <3 Thank you dear! I'm happy to be the cause of any inspiration. *hugs*