Saturday, December 4, 2010

Walking - or Tracing! - The Sacred Labryinth

Labryinths have been used for centuries as a meditative tool. Their use does not belong to one religion; many people: from the Crusaders to the Pagans have walked a labyrinth to reflect on every issue imaginable.

Many churches and cathedrals have labryinths, most famously the Labryinth of Chartres Cathedral in France.

Pagans have annual festivals to walk hand-made labyrinths as a community.

In my quest to find a nearby labyrinth, I realised that finger labyrinths can be a very useful mediatative tool - especially when I don't have space to build one nor a location nearby. I have printed out labyrinth designs to craft my own desk-sized ones, and I searched online and found online labryinths that you control using your mouse. There is gentle music, a variety of issues and symbols, and even meditations to use. The following is a fantastic link. Do try it out!


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