Monday, March 8, 2010

A Century of Sonnets, No. 1: Elegy

This is my project with my friend Jen: the goal is to write 100 sonnets this year, in the tradition of the classical poets' "century of sonnets." My first sonnet, not only for this project but EVER!, is for my hero, Richard George Farina: poet, writer, musician, songwriter, and dreamer.
Type: Shakespearian

for Richard Farina, on his 73rd birthday
The stars were made the day that you were born
And all across the sky they cast their light
And day made way to night and night to mo(u)rn:
Your soul came through the air in whirling flight.
The sun in all his power gave you life,
The moon in her sweet shadow shielded you
From daemons made to give your spirit strife
And fears that threatened but did not come true.
Oh, Dear: that was so many years ago!
But still the sky remembers your bright hue:
Clouds swirl in shades of gold and indigo,
And they contain the Poet-soul of you.
Beneath the earth your body lies so deep
But in the stars your soul sings me to sleep.
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  1. Beautifully written. I can't write metered, rhyming poetry if I try, so I am very, very impressed.

  2. It is very lovely i especially like the part about the sun and the moon and their importance and power. and your description of gold and indigo clouds.

  3. "The moon in her sweet shadow shielded you
    From daemons made to give your spirit strife..." This seems to be the hot topic for my writing these days. It's as if I'm being drawn closer to God by my heightened awareness of the enemy's games of strife.

    I'm happy to see you've started our endeavor. I can't wait to see what we come up with. I think I should pour one from my soul today. Hmmm, a topic, a topic.

  4. Samantha, thank you so much, and you're such a gifted writer that I'm sure meter would come very easily if you studied it for a couple weeks. I would love to see what you would produce!

    Mike, thank you my love, I'm glad you liked the word play!

    Jen, I'm so happy I finally started: and now I'm hooked! Hooked on Sonnets. LOL I want to sonnet everything. hahaha I'll give you my topic of the day: FINDING INNER PEACE ADMIST CHAOS!!!!!!!!! <3

  5. I have a sonnet for Mimi! I wrote it on this year's anniverary of her passing. Makes me pretty happy you've heard of Mimi and Richard - they are stars in my eternal sky. Here it is:

    Dear Girl, you taught me love and how to find
    survival in a world of loss and woe;
    your beauty solved the torment of my mind,
    your death-day brought me back to my sorrow.

    I know exactly how it feels to mourn:
    you gave me early lessons on dying.
    I know the innocence of being born
    and all the strength of gentle souls flying

    Away to where you are now that you’re gone,
    away to where our prayers go: far above
    where you and Richard sing eternal songs
    and nevermore exists a threat to love.

    Dear Girl, you taught me peace and sweet romance:
    the movement of three Souls in endless dance