Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Nature of the Poet

Bright Star seems as if it will be a true masterpiece. What could be lovelier: soul mates, John Keats, nature, dreams, Ben Wishaw? Keats was only 25 years old when he died, never knowing the mark he made in the world.

This film (coming in October) is based on the love and letters of Fancy Brawne and poet John Keats. For references to the natural world in Keat's letters, look at this webpage: - it's delightfully beautiful.

"I think of green fields. I muse with the greatest affection on every flower I have known from my infancy--their shapes and colours as are [for are as] new to me as if I had just created them with a superhuman fancy--It is because they are connected with the most thoughtless and happiest moments of our Lives--I have seen foreign flowers in hothouses of the most beautiful nature, but I do not care a straw for them. The simple flowers of our sp[r]ing are what I want to see again."
(~ Keats, to Fanny Brawne, February (?) 1820)

"I almost wish we were butterflies and liv'd but three summer days ..."
~John Keats (To Fanny Brawne, 1 July 1819)

For the true story behind this film (and a sad tale it is) read this web page:
I promise it will break your heart!

Portrait of Fanny Brawne:
Portrait of John Keats:


  1. I am very excited about this movie too. I made a post about it back at the beginning of September. Can't wait!

  2. Oh, I didn't know you also posted it! :) It comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. I dug through my bookshelves and found some Keats books, and his work is just enchanting. Did you read the link to the true story behind this film? I swear, I almost cried - more for him than for her, to be honest. I can't believe he died at age 25 and in those few years produced so much beauty.